Lost Object multiplies your chances of recovering a lost or stolen property in a minimum of time thanks to:

  • A digital ID code affixed to the object that anonymously identifies you as the owner.
  • A finder motivated by an easy, safe and costless principle of restitution (reward, if desired).
  • A possible contact between the finder and the loser for the return of the object in case of award. It should be noted that both of them can choose to remain anonymous.

With Lost Object, you stay anonymous and avoid personal information to be visible, including those on your keys and luggage. One should know that in case of loss or stolen items, your name and address can be very useful for blackmailing.

It is a numeric code that allows you to mark your objects, identifying them as your personal property, without revealing any personal data.

Each ID code is unique and allows you to prove that the found object is yours in case of loss or theft.

Once this code is registered on, any finder (person, police, lost and found desk etc…) who introduces it on the website sees that the object belongs to a person, remaining anonymous. An SMS and an automatic e-mail are sent to that person in the following minutes to inform that the item has been found. thus serves as an anonymous interface between a finder and a loser, and allows to organize the return of the object.

Lost Object reduces the risk of permanently losing your valuable items. It is convenient, safe, anonymous and accessible all over the world.

Yes. The main purpose of this service is to maintain the anonymity of both parties involved.
If a finder wants a reward, anonymity is no longer possible because the two parties will meet.

3 precise information’s are indicated on the various printings labels:

  • An anonymous digital identification code
  • The website address
  • The toll free number +41 (0) 800 876 543

You can visit the website completely anonymously.
However, an order can only be carried out by registering and entering complete address and contact information.

Quick and easy steps to follow:

  • Sign up on and order an item or a pack or register a received code
  • Freely activate each personal identification code
  • Affix Lost Object ID codes on your belongings
  • Now your goods are protected in case of loss and could help deter theft.

Clicking on my space, you can always see and manage your saved property.

If the finder informs us about the discovery of your property, we will contact you immediately by SMS and email, to arrange the return of the found object.
Please also change the status of the object in question by clicking on my space and changing the status to "lost" or "stolen".

The subscription is activated from the moment the client registers its property.
It begins from 30 days after the date of purchase if the customer has not registered his property before.

Of course. In addition, Lost Object stickers, gadgets and special packs can also be a useful unique gift idea. You'll help your family and friends protect and find their lost items.

The validity of a Lost Object subscription is two (2) years.

To renew your subscription, simply return your space and recommending a package or renew the subscription.

Always make sure that your contact details are up to date. You can modify them at all times going to "My Account" on

When buying a product, there are no additional costs or membership subscriptions.
If a registered item is lost and a finder informs us about it, you will only pay its shipping costs unless you recover it personally and directly by your own means.

It’s very easy! Simply click on "Order" to access the registration form. You can also register from the home page by clicking on "Register".

Register your cell phone, your laptop, your digital music player, headphones, USB memory, camera, watch, bag, suitcase, umbrella, bike, jacket, t-shirts and many other items.
In addition, you can save all your pets but also your children.

You retrieve your good easily because Lost Object links lost items owners and finders, using SMS text messages and e-mails. The finder can either choose to give you his personnal data or the exact location of the lost objet.

As you wish! Stickers come in different sizes and are design to fit virtually any valuables. They are easy to apply and resistant.

You can choose to attach them to your keys or fix them on your handbags and luggage’s. They are modern and appealing.

You are an honest person and Lost Object thanks you.
There are 3 ways to inform us so that the owner can be warned:
- Click on "FOUND AN ITEM" on and complete the form
- Call our toll-free number available every day from 8h to 19h in 3 languages

Yes, but it requires that the property owner changes the status of the property lost activated on his personal space.

According to a recent study, a properly labeled item is 8 times out of 10 more likely to be returned to the owner. In addition, it’s time and money saving, avoid productivity loss for company assets and unnecessary stress.

Through Lost Object, a finder can render an object in a simple, fast and secure way to its owner. He can then receive a possible reward if requested by the finder and/or indicated by the owner.

The finder may choose whether to receive a reward or not. Its amount varies depending on the value of the lost property. Swiss law requires anyone who finds something that is clearly worth more than 10 francs to report it to the police (article 720B of the Swiss civil code) and hand it in, either directly to the owner, to any relevant lost and found service, or to the police.

In addition, the law obliges owners of lost items to reward those who hand them in. The requirement to give a reward is set out in article 722 the Swiss civil code. It says that the finder is entitled to a reward and/or a reimbursement of related expenses. The code does not specify the amount of the reward, although 10% of the item’s value is often used as a rule of thumb.

According to a recent study published in the Tribune de Genève in September 2012, there are 150,000 items found in Geneva alone every year.
According to the same article, the auction of these items found considerable amounts relate to this service, since few objects are identifiable, and so much can not be returned to their owners.

Of course! The Lost Object service is open and accessible to anyone in the world through our website.

You can pay by PayPal, credit card, or via PostFinance

Our secure server (SSL) encrypts your personal data transaction. Information in transit over the Internet cannot be read by unauthorized persons.

Products ready to be shipped, are delivered in Switzerland within 5 working days by the Swiss Post services. We also deliver to other addresses (different from the original subscription), to relatives or to friends. When ordering, please specify the delivery address if different from the billing address. 

We deliver the items you ordered directly from you, at your home. Command is also charged by a fixed contribution to the purchase price depending on the chosen country and the number of your articles.

  • Switzerland: CHF 4.00
  • Germany: CHF 8.00
  • Austria: CHF 8.00
  • Italy: CHF 8.00
  • France: CHF 8.00

Normally you cannot return purchased items received. If they are damaged, you may return them only if meeting criteria specified in the terms and conditions of sale.

We remain at your disposal for any question or suggestion.
You can reach us using the contact form on our website or at this email address:

The use of Lost Object ID codes offers a multitude of advantages such as:

  • Simple & effective
  • Anonymity
  • Large selection of products, sizes and shapes
  • Affordable
  • Confidential
  • Theft deterrent
  • Customizer for promotional branding and gifts

In addition, website is used by Lost and Found state offices, by the police and by public transports companies, whether in Switzerland, neighboring countries or anywhere in the world.
Global coverage offered by our website helps to retrieve a lost or stolen property from anywhere in the world.
Once the ID code of a found object is entered on, its owner is automatically notified via e-mail and SMS.
In case the finder does not want a reward, we do not give him the identity of the property owner. Otherwise, the restitution and the delivery of the reward will be handled directly between the finder and the item owner, with no intermediaries.

On stickers, clothing labels, medals and keychains, there are three basic facts:
Anonymous numerical code
The QR code
Free server number 0800 876 543

With, your chances of recovering valuables lost or stolen are significantly increased.
The Lost Object ID number identifies you as the owner.
The finder is motivated because for him the return is easy, safe and beneficial.
Making contact with the finder, the return of the found object and the payment of the reward are organized

Medals in contrast key chains are used in a different way. They have the size of a chip cart and they will also fit on your keychain, but also on your pet's collar.
Even if there is to date chips for animals we inquired with many vets who find animals that are brought to police stations are not identified as police stations do are not equipped for detection of these chips.

Bracelets originally designed for young children under two years, not knowing express their names, to find the parents of little lost in the supermarket today concern all children because they can all be removed unfortunately.
Made a very original, they are waterproof, and non-hazardous (your kids can put in their mouths without risk), and very stylish so that your children still retains them.

ICE means In Case of Emergency (Emergency).
This service allows your family to be notified if anything happens to you, in an accident, illness ...
Indeed, ICE stickers offer you the opportunity to enter your blood type, allergies, and especially persons to contact in case of emergency.

The company Lost Object allows you to find a property quickly. Simply change the status of the property in question with the corresponding section to let us know, and change it to "lost."